25 January, 2011 at 19:21 (Uncategorized)

Should I worry that
a smile from you has
my mood so lifted?
I think, not,
but rather sink into
pleasant imagining
of a norman castle
in which I learnt
of Mozart and misericords
and the beautiful brevity
of love everlasting.

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25 January, 2011 at 19:15 (Uncategorized)

I called and you came.
I called and you all came.
I chose, red from from blue,
but when I called,
it was as if,
I chose blue from red
or perhaps
they really are the same.

One smile and the grip of ice loosens
One plan and I relax

But what is best of all,
I called, never thought there’d be an answer,
but you all came.

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Facial Expression

25 January, 2011 at 09:53 (Uncategorized)

The expression on your face mimics my own
But I hide it

I do not want to own this expression
it is not mine, it is yours.

It is a mimicry, I recognise it
but it is not mine, it is yours

Let me hide it?
I will see it still

And there is nothing I can do
unless I own it, and I cannot

This expression, it is not mine
I will not have it

though I show it still.
And I see it.

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23 January, 2011 at 22:47 (Uncategorized)

There was never a hope in hell
of not loving you
And I tilt my head in habit
as you lean in for the kiss
and ignore my lips
never a hope in hell
of not loving you
but I can
change the basis
of that love.

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Walk Away

22 January, 2011 at 21:12 (Uncategorized)

I had the perfect love affair,
it was some years ago now,
it began in that way that love affairs do,
a little eye contact,
a little kissing
a little this is me and this is you.
We had our songs and we knew such bliss
and the secret of our perfect love was this:
the moment of our truest loving,
when his eyes met mine,
I stepped out of his arms and we said goodbye
for thirty seconds we held our love
then I turned and walked away
and never looked back.

I had more than thirty seconds with you.
But, that mutual moment,
that I had back then on the grass in such perfection
Never came, we were always out of synch.

I hate that.

I want that smile back,
in the summer when you saw me
I want those conversations back
and I want
another perfect love affair,
with you.

I want to walk away
not this gnawing ache of
not quite.

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Secret Love

19 January, 2011 at 12:15 (Uncategorized)

I have a secret love,
So, it seems, do you,
‘cept mines not really secret,
it being you.

I wish I knew just who it was
– the gossips roll their eyes –
but not to gossip all about
or spread poetry and lies.

I want to know who it is
so I could go and say
Oh, please do this and this and this
and treat him in this way

Please just simply love him
Keep things relaxed and true
Please just make him happy
That’s what I would do.

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18 January, 2011 at 23:41 (Uncategorized)

There you go then,
responses laid bare,
Electra complex plus one
If he had died
it’d make sense
but as it is I’m left
with the knowledge he was
less than perfect
and had a less than perfect son.
I was always concious of the loss
though I never even knew it
and when he said
he’d been orphaned,
several times he said it,
the wind blew right through it
the hole.
He is older than his father was
and he feels it too
and I am
so concious of that fact
Electra plus two.
So now my guilty
desire to hide
always before allowed
has become
no excuses of denial, feigned ignorance,
the usual middle-class ‘not now’
and I have to face the fact
that it is that hole
that Electra feels
I am reacting to.
If I could shut and lock that door
believe me I would do.

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The Cat

18 January, 2011 at 00:24 (Uncategorized)

It was the cat that made me cry

The heartbreak of leaving was not mine
I had left some time ago
When the perfect weekend gave way to hell
upon our return.

It was the cat that made me cry

When after we had packed
he refused to get out of the car
the heartbreak of leaving was mine
there is no return.

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12 January, 2011 at 23:41 (Uncategorized)

Mistletoe and holly
in branches hanging
in the ceiling no one sees

you and me
never together
talking to too many people
theres such a crowd in here tonight

the drinks are poured
the cocktails mixed
beneath the holly spikes

you and me
never together
too many people to talk too
they’re crowding between us

finally midnight comes
and kisses with everyone
and there’s too many people
a refusal and my heart sinks, again

the cold comes in
as the doors open
too many people all around us
there’s always a crowd around here.

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12 January, 2011 at 23:35 (Uncategorized)

There is no one
who kisses me like you used to
There is no one
who touches me the way you used to

Oh but she was wrong
she was wrong
she was wrong

and I hardly need to write

there is no one
who can look into my eyes
as speechless I look into theirs
and we breathe the world to each other

the looks are there
the cold is too
and the mist
from the end of the world

you know and I know
there is no one
who kisses me like you do.

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