Cooling Water

20 April, 2009 at 19:18 (Uncategorized)

“You’ve always had a thing for voices,” my Mum tells me.
“Oh it’s him on the phone again,” echoes from adolescence.
And yours is like a cool, clear glass of water
at the end of a long day.
My face upturned in a sudden stream,
flowing over Cumbrian rocks.
Relaxed, refreshed at the same instant sound of it.
I’ve always had a thing for voices,
and yours, I’ll drink in gladly.


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7 April, 2009 at 23:58 (Uncategorized)

You are…
Amongst the hills and the rain
You are…
Beneath the moonlight as we drive,
You are…
And that’s all there is to it,
and that’s all the explanation I have,
and my silence is what keeps it nothing,
and your silence is what you will not speak,
You are…
over rivers and through trees,
You are.

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5 April, 2009 at 23:40 (Uncategorized)

Christopher’s lips part slightly as he starts to snore,
Alices hips tilt slightly as her glass drops to the floor.
Tired out by their busy day,
Curled up like puppies here to stay,
Leave them on the sofa as we creep away,
Dozing together a long time more.

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Free Ride

5 April, 2009 at 02:00 (Uncategorized)

Marked out by a chaos god,
sold on as his own,
Don’t think I’ll be left for too long now,
Don’t think that I’ll be left for long.
Come on in for the free ride,
Come on in but don’t get too much at home.
Marked out by a trickster,
Marked again by it,
Marked and marked and twisted out,
twisted out, come try it.
Come and see – you try it;
because I’m all dressed up no place to go,
marked out as his own.
Just for now,
won’t be forever,
but then again what is?
I’m marked out, dressed up,
just waiting
for this to be over;
for us all to sit
and look at the sunrise from above the city.
And we’re marked out,
and waiting.
Not quite there yet.
hurry up, I’m waiting.
Marked out
and then,
when I’m not,
I’ll see you again,
till then,
come on over for a free ride
but don’t gvet too much at home.
Come on over for a free ride,
but then go home again.

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