Walk Away

22 January, 2011 at 21:12 (Uncategorized)

I had the perfect love affair,
it was some years ago now,
it began in that way that love affairs do,
a little eye contact,
a little kissing
a little this is me and this is you.
We had our songs and we knew such bliss
and the secret of our perfect love was this:
the moment of our truest loving,
when his eyes met mine,
I stepped out of his arms and we said goodbye
for thirty seconds we held our love
then I turned and walked away
and never looked back.

I had more than thirty seconds with you.
But, that mutual moment,
that I had back then on the grass in such perfection
Never came, we were always out of synch.

I hate that.

I want that smile back,
in the summer when you saw me
I want those conversations back
and I want
another perfect love affair,
with you.

I want to walk away
not this gnawing ache of
not quite.


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