My Rusty Knight

31 December, 2006 at 13:42 (Uncategorized) (, , , )

A rusty knight offers me all his gallantry,
If I would just reach out and take it.
A lady writes of shining lights,
And I took your hand eagerly.
I have often wondered what it would be like,
To have a knight in shining armour,
Wearing my favours into battle,
My rusty knight smiles at me,
I know that my smile is his favour,
Is that enough?
A lady may dream of her light,
I am forced to wonder, camp-follower that I am,
What it would be like,
I suspect,
Were you to turn that shine to face me,
I would, on reflection,
Feel more at home with rust.

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21 December, 2006 at 22:44 (Uncategorized) (, , )

The Cardinal ran down the hallway panting in desperation. The light was turning golden already, it was possible he would be too late even now. In front of him he saw the women weeping and he knew. He was too late. He could feel the leaves in the breeze, the scent of honeysuckle came to him on the wind and he kept running. He forced his stride to lengthen and pushed himself to his limits, the aches in his muscles he ignored, forcing himself to keep running.

At the end of the hallway he stopped. He could see the grasses. He could see the fires. It was too late. The harvest had come in and the people thronged around the bonfires singing the forbidden songs, behind him he heard the sounds of glass breaking and knew it was the stained glass. The women who had wept before him, he heard their screams now and knew that they had come into the church. It was too late. Too late for him and too late for the church. The sun was up and the bonfires lit and people breathed the scent of the old gods into their lungs.

Pulling his collar up he prayed that no one would stop him, they did not, they turned to stare at the old man breathing through his shirt wearing the symbols they had rejected. It was when he came to the pit they had dug that they began to shout at him, to shout that he must be careful, that he could slip and fall. The Cardinal looked into the pit. It smelt of burning flesh and the partially smoking flesh of sacrificial carcasses lay piled up and burning to these gods that the people had embraced. He turned to face the throngs now coming upon him, looking at their white robes, at their garlanded heads and forms bedecked with the plants that had turned them.

“You may fall sir!” called one of their so-called priests.
“I will not.” the Cardinal replied.
“You would not want to burn, they are the offering, they must be kept burning or they will not be accepted.”
“No, nor if they were defiled would they be.”
The white-robed man looked puzzled, and then horrified as the Cardinal stepped backwards denying the plants and praying that somewhere his God still saw him.

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21 December, 2006 at 20:18 (Uncategorized) ()

How many miles do you think I’d walk?
How many miles do you want to?
Don’t you know who I’m talking to?
I’m talking to you all.
Ever never-lover I have ever had,
Theres four of you,
Ever lover I have ever had,
Theres more of you,
Everyone who ever touched me,
If you called,
I’d come.
Don’t you think so?
How many miles would you walk for me?
I always assume none.
I’m not someone who needs to ask you to,
I’ve never really been undone,
Well once, but that was before you met me,
So, if you need me, ask
At least I’ll enjoy the trip.

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Just Once

17 December, 2006 at 15:04 (Uncategorized) ()

I knew when you told me that there was something big,
I knew when you mentioned it that there was something,
That, like all things,
Would stop any dream from coming through.
Just once I would like to say to you,
And then do it.

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Take a look. I’m right here.

15 December, 2006 at 19:30 (Uncategorized) (, )

Do you think that I’m blind?
Or are you just self-obsessed?
(All the best people are, I am myself, you know,)
What am I supposed to see?
A reflection? An evolution?
Some sort of solution?
Is that what this is? Supposedly.
Don’t look to him for that.
Don’t, please, don’t look to her for that.
And me?
I don’t have some complex,
That leads me to a crucifix,
Has me looking down.
My father never forgave me,
But equally I haven’t drowned,
And nor will you.
(Did you really suppose I was blind?)

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14 December, 2006 at 22:02 (Uncategorized) (, )

Who am I and who are you and where did this come from?
Oh yes, I recognise this.
The birds are flying past again.
And did I lose six years again?
And did I lose my path again?
I thought I was scaling this cliff.
So where did this all come from?
And who am I and who are you and how did I end up here?
Wasn’t I supposed to be far away now,
Did you drag me back here?
When did that happen?

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13 December, 2006 at 23:20 (Uncategorized) (, )

Breathing in I can feel you breathing out,
Each breath anyone takes runs around the world eventually,
There is warmth there,
And your eyes on me.
Is it grey today?
Are you happy today?
Are you breathing peacefully?
I can feel where your hand brushed my back,
And I know where the wind has blown.
In amongst the rain and the smoke of bonfires,
The wind makes its way with elegance,
Spattering with the rain to plaster hair on one side of my head.
I can feel where your hand brushed my back,
But this wind keeps on blowing.
I suspect that the Andes will keep on waiting for nothing comes of nothing,
And what we breath is nothing,
And that we breath is nothing,
Only if it’s as big as the wind
Does it matter that anything runs around the world eventually.

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Platonic Language

13 December, 2006 at 18:13 (Uncategorized) (, )

Do you think that there is one language?
If you do then read this.
Really read this, because this is my language that I am speaking?
Do you suppose that I tell the truth to you,
Just because I use my own words,
My own terms, if any care to listen.
If you so suppose then I should think that you imagine,
There is only one truth.
Only one thing that is real.
We dance in shadows, haven’t you seen it yet?
Dance if you want with me,
But don’t think that I’ve even really begun,
Do you think that I’m speaking English?
Because this is so much more to me than that,
Something known by half the world,
Babbled away each unto each within their own nuances,
Do you have a clue about the shadows?
Until you do I doubt you feel what I’m speaking.
There is more than one truth and I will tell out all your shadows.

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Waiting In The Wings

12 December, 2006 at 23:24 (Uncategorized) ()

You’re there again,
Where I wanted to be.
There again, where I used to be.
It was never where I wanted to be,
But it was oh, so comfortable there.
I loved it so, I hated it so,
It was comfortable there.
But you are there now,
After I left in triumph,
I find that this means you have left me,
Before I ever approached you,
I am simply waiting in the wings,
Watching them applaud you.

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12 December, 2006 at 18:46 (Uncategorized) (, , )

Hold my hand and be with me,
Hold my hand and dare to be seen with me,
Can you do that?
Come on we’ll race about the stars, if you like…
What’s wrong?
Oh…them, well they knew me of old,
Does it matter now?
Come on, the clouds are out tonight.

But you don’t take my hand, why is that?

Come on, you leant out of your window,
I saw you,
We’ve breakfasted together this morning.
Hold my hand and we’ll go running.
I think the clouds will rain soon, we can go dance in that,

Yes, I probably will strip, won’t you?
What’s wrong with that?

So what if other people see?
What’s wrong with that?
They’ve seen before I should think,
Oh, yes, you know?
What do you mean? What’s wrong with that?

Come on, just take my hand,
We can go up into the hills today,
And dance alone up there…

Of course I like to be alone,
Haven’t I said before?

We can run together,
We can dance together,
We won’t care two figs for the rain,

Or other people’s glances as you say,
Why would we care about those?

You don’t feel like dancing?
Well, ok,
We could walk instead?
You don’t want to walk with me?
It’s raining now and I do so want to go out and dance…

You don’t mind if I go out alone?
Then I’ll dance for you out there,
In the rain.

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