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Ebony Shimmers tossed her hair in a very silly, pretty way and then carried along the sunlit path to the Afternoon Lawn. She had come from the Morning Lawn through the Herb Garden and had passed Curly and Long on the way. They’d both gaped quite openly at her and she’d decided to play with their under-controlled hormones in a particularly female way.

She smiled to herself, not needing to turn around to see what affect her hair tossing had had on them. She heard the shuffling off the path and correctly guessed that both had needed to sit beneath the apple trees, which shaded that side of the herb garden, until their embarrassments had subsided.

All in all Ebony Shimmers was a very silly creature who was often bored. Instead of alleviating that boredom as intelligent creatures do, with worthwhile pursuits such as reading, writing monographs, thinking and the like she preferred to stir the hormones of the others who lived in the Gardens. This was very easy for Ebony since she had grown into adulthood with silky white fur and long ears, one of which would flop over her left eye quite seductively. The eye was luckily one of a pair, big brown and open with a honeydew quality that poets often talk about enthusiastically.
Her lips were full and usually to be found in a pouting expression because she was bored. They did not usually fall open unintended because she was bored, not gormless. On the whole her lips would not have looked out of place in several pornographic movies but we will not dwell on this unfortunate fact. Nor shall we consider her breasts which were so deformed that they fitted the stereotypical fourteen-year olds wet dream; large and yet mysteriously bouncy.

We who do not fit that figure will of course take happiness from the fact that when she hits middle age her breasts will sag and no longer be so tastelessly bouncy. It will unhappily take much longer before they lose their size.

She walked along the Garden path with the teasing gait of one who is perfectly aware of their natural attributes and not only that but quite happy with them. Her blonde hair tumbled down her back and came to rest at the swaying hips, just above the silken tuft of a tail that nudged aside her denim hot-pants.

It should here be noted that Ebony Shimmers, like many young creatures had a certain amount of taste, but little decorum. When choosing clothes she had frankly no idea of how modesty could suit a young girl. It is because of these lacks in education and manners that she was dressed as she was; in denim hot-pants worn with cropped yellow spaghetti vest top. The trainers on her feet did nothing to conceal the length of her legs nor did they hide her shapely calves. But still the hormonal affect she caused by merely walking into a room was not to be denied. Nor was her callous enjoyment of it and her base abusing of the serotonin levels of other creatures.

When she reached the Afternoon Lawn she made her way to her customary place next to the largest fountain noting that Potter and German had gone to their usual place before her and that Khan was stalking the lower flower bed with typical ferocity.

She sighed. It was just so dull. Before long Curly and Long would make it to the flower bed to talk to Khan, a fight would ensue and Khan would stalk off to the far side of the Orchard. Curly would become miserable and sit in a sulk by the flower bed until Potter would try to cheer him up (after having spent the preceding minutes making out with German) and only succeed in making him more miserable. Long would ignore the whole incident and stare after Lucky (who by that time would be sat next to the lower fountain) for an hour until it was time for him to make his way to he Orchard and then walk with Khan onto the Evening Lawn.

At some point Darkly and the Pirate would walk up to German and begin a conversation full of meaningless trivialities; politics, qualifications and the like. Ebony would become bored of listening to their drivel and distract Ambitious with a flip of her skirts whereupon the conversation would turn to more important subjects such as the fashionable new heel on shoes or what sort of underwear was appropriate for precisely which occaision. This would require her entire brain power and so she would miss the point at which Silly and Giggles would enter the garden and bring her lunch with them. They would come up behind her and tickle her ribs until she squeaked whereupon the whole lot of them; German, Darkly, Pirate, Silly, Giggles and herself, would burst into uproarious laughter at the delightful joke. Then they would eat lunch.

Ebony sighed again. Not today. She stood up. She could feel Darkly looking out of the corner of her eye to see if she was flipping her skirts yet. She very pointedly did not flip her skirts, but instead strode towards the lower flower bed. Khan gazed at her, surprised. She walked past him into the Orchard, beyond the Orchard to the Walled Garden.

She paused, unsure of herself, in the Walled Garden. She sneaked a look behind her, almost hoping that someone was following. No one was, Ebony really was a very silly creature. Then she heard a sound. It did not come from the direction of the Orchard but instead from the other side of the Walled Garden. Ebony had never been to the Walled Garden before, it wasn’t on her usual path through the Gardens. She had heard of it but she had never heard of their being another side to it, opposite to the Orchard side. She, being a very silly creature, wasn’t entirely sure what to do really but after hearing the sound again and positively identifying it as male laughter, her instincts to create hormonal trouble were truly aroused. So she went to the gate in the opposite side of the wall and put her head around it.

There was someone she had never seen before sat on a bench outside of the Walled Garden. He was devastatingly cute; stockily built with fine black fur that silkily reflected the sunlight. His sharp little ears showed tufts of white fur and at the end of his long black tail was a tip of white that underlined the black silkiness of the rest of him. Ebony caught herself wondering what it would feel like to stroke along the length of his beautiful whiskers. This was a new thought for Ebony since usually her thoughts revolved around herself quite absorbedly.

With sudden decision and bravery Ebony pushed open the door to the Walled Garden and walked straight through it not even looking back. She then sat down next to the stranger who was reading a surprisingly thick book.

“Hello” she said, being ill bred enough not to know that interrupting a stranger whilst he is reading, is simply not done.
He looked up from his book, smiled at Ebony and then attempted a stammering conversation about Marx which sadly, she was not intelligent enough to understand. Suddenly realising his mistake he quickly backtracked and asked,
“Do you like to read?”
“I don’t know,” she answered with the silly headflick that caused her ear to flop down over her left eye. “I’ve never tried.”
“Do you know something,” he commented breezily. “I don’t think you’re the person I was sent here to meet.”
“Oh no,” she giggled. “Don’t be silly. But pass the time with me until she arrives, do.”
“Ok.” He agreed readily, probably caught up in well meaning desires to better educate this ill mannered, silly young creature.
“What’s your name?”
“Oh” she simpered with a paw covering her mouth for a second, “I’m Ebony Shimmers. What’s yours?”
She held out her hand to shake, having been told in her youth it was a cute trick.
“I’m Tip.” He said. “Let me read to you.”

The book, along with most of Tips conversation, of course went entirely over Ebony’s head but she listened anyway and smiled every time she heard a word that she recognised.

“Is the girl that you’re waiting for as clever as you are?” asked Ebony when Tip had almost finished his reading.
“Oh yes entirely, in fact she is practically perfect in everyway. But I don’t think she is coming today.”
“Oh. So what are you going to do?” asked Ebony, suddenly realising that she really should be walking from the Evening Lawn into the Midnight Garden as it was getting dark.
“I should probably walk along my path.” Said Tip.

At this Ebony’s heart sank, at least it would have done had she been capable of such a cleverly emotional thing. She had not realised Tip also walked a path in the garden, though such a thing would have been perfectly obvious to a more intelligent creature. She had, in fact seen him, and this whole lawn as being outside of the Gardens; of course they were too well kept to be such a thing.

“I should be going to the Midnight Garden now.” She mumbled.
“I should be going to the Vegetable Patch.”

Then Ebony was seized with such a curious fixation that she made a decision on the scale of the one she had made in the Walled Garden. Briefly she remembered something in the book about participating in pictures of something important. Despite the fact that she could not remember exactly was what in her memory she decided it made it quite clear that she should kiss Tip. And so she did, being a most improper creature and sadly not unknowing of things carnal.

Tip, being a creature, like anyone else, of hormones and urges, which Ebony, almost unknowingly had set in a stir, responded. And it was not altogether unpleasant that not six minutes later he should find himself laying naked on the Lawn with Ebony astride, swaying herself up and down, upon him. The motion was not altogether unlike that of a boat on rough seas, luckily Ebony did not suffer from travel sickness, and the relieving shudders that ran through both of them were, unsurprisingly for such inexperienced and unknowing creatures, quick in occurring.

Afterwards Tip and Ebony parted ways, she to her Midnight Garden and he to his Vegetable Patch. Soon it became a common occurrence for Ebony to seek Tip out in the Lawn beyond the Walled Garden. The others who frequented the Afternoon Lawn became quite disapproving in their glances at Ebony following a path that was not hers. They made no effort to follow her of course, intent as they were on following their own paths. Tip never complained though, and the girl he was waiting for certainly took her time in arriving.

It was but a month after these events began to occur that Ebony received her first, and sadly only, flash of intelligence. She realised that she was following a path. This began, as usual with a creature of Ebony’s silliness, to bore her. More hair flicks and flipping of skirts followed this. Until she got to such twitching state that Tip looked up from his book and asked her what on earth was the matter.
This stumped Ebony since no one had ever asked such a question before.

“The Gardens are dull.” She said.
Tips eyes flashed and she wondered whether he was angry and if he would be a different sort of lover if he was angry. Such are the thoughts of silly, carnal creatures.

“What do you propose to do about it?” asked Tip. Ebony got stuck at the word ‘propose’ and so shrugged her shoulders prettily.
“I have an idea.” Said Tip.
Ebony sat up straighter to listen, she had been told long ago that it made her look more attentive, and had noticed that this worked even when she was bored.
“Why don’t we leave the Gardens?”
“Can we?” asked Ebony
“Of course we can.” Said Tip, “Why The Hedge is only over there.”

At this of course silly Ebony blanched. She had heard all sorts of superstitious tales about The Hedge and the dreadful creatures that lived in it and on the other side of it. She had heard too how good silly creatures like herself would change and grow into ugly monsters if they dared to brave The Hedge.

She looked over to where Tip pointed in fear, and saw the low, neatly cut green of a privet hedge, with a door a little way a long it made out of wood that was shaped and white washed. Beyond the hedge she could see a wide expanse of grassland that gave way to woods and moorland, above which hung a yellowing sky.

She looked back at Tip and saw that he did not think her really serious in her dislike of the Gardens and so she did another unusual thing. Of course it being after her visit in the Breakfast Lawns this did not really count but we shall leave that aside. The other unusual thing which Ebony did was to become angry. A less silly creature may have managed this several pages ago but Ebony really did not have the experience. In her anger she set decisively off towards the door with Tip following eagerly behind. She gulped in the sweet air of the Gardens as she stopped before The Hedge and reached her hand out to the door. She pushed it open and stepped through with Tip not a moment behind.

There she stood in the moorland feeling an exhilaration sweeping though her, she saw Tip looking at her and so, determined to show her legs in their best light strode over towards the nearest patch of woodland. Tip followed, panting a little. At this point a more serious creature would have noticed how Tips tail was gradually growing bushier and how his ears became more pointed and his teeth more prominent. But Ebony was more concerned with the growing awareness she had of her own, silkily smooth body and the swaying of her beautiful bob of a tail. By the time she reached the woodlands Tip could contain himself no longer and hurling himself at her pinned her to the floor. She gazed up at the huge yellow eyes that were suddenly his and felt his paws pushing her arms and legs into the ground. Growling noises came from his throat and with them she could feel a pulsing between her thighs that translated itself into shuddery, gasping breaths.

It was with his teeth that he tore the silly clothing from her truly lovely body and with his paws that he clawed at her outsize breasts. But as his teeth sank into her neck and the pulsing between her legs became too great to ignore she thought,
“Now this is interesting.”
And afterwards as they lay on the forest floor neither of them remembered anything at all about the Gardens.

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Only The Best Will Do

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A story longer than I intended

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Pregnant Pause

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The bar was a little smoky round the back.
Emily never worried about such things but today the smoke curled around her hair and painted her lips with the taste of stale cigarettes. Emily looked through the dim light to the table around the back of the small bar.

She sat there in the midst of the smoke, proudly erect, drinking it in, other people’s addictions. A girl, Emily couldn’t see who, sat next to Her and lit up a personalised addictive cylinder before offering it. She turned to the girl, sitting, crouching, almost kneeling at her feet and smiled benificently. She took it and sucked in the poison before turning to look directly at Emily who had paused, uncertainly, in the middle of the bar.

“Well.” She said. “Will you join us?”

Her voice cut across the small shadows of people in twisted knots and groups at the tables in the dimly lit space. Emily felt the glances cut through the smoke to flay her with disinterested interest as people turned and then turned again and thought no more of her.

She looked at Emily, waiting. Emily half-shrugged and walked towards Her table before sitting at the empty chair opposite as though for a consultation.

“And what can I do for you today?” She asked. “No. Wait. Don’t tell me. You ran out and want some more.”
Emily sighed. “I haven’t bought from you, ever.”
“Theres always a first time sweetie.”
“Stoppit you sound like a transvestite.” The automatic response came out before Emily could stop it.

There was an audible gasp in the bar and those gazes cut across the smoke again, not without interest this time. The girl who was fawning on Her turned to look at Emily with something akin to hatred in her sightless eyes.

“Not at all darling. I sound like myself.” She replied, not missing a beat.
“And that is?”
“An interesting question and one we must search the answer for our whole lives.”

Emily could feel the pull of a conversation that would last hours and take place across the miles crossed that evening. But she cut the strings of that pull as neatly as the nurse would cut the cord when the time came.

“I shouldn’t be here. Not in my condition.”

For the first time She had no quick and easy answer. No Oscar Wilde response came quickly from Her lips. The blind girl spoke instead.
“What condition?”

“I’m pregnant. It’s His of course. I thought you should know.” Not knowing what else to do Emily got up to leave.

“Wait.” came the imperious command. “Where are you going?”
“Home. The Park. Somewhere healthy. Biarritz maybe.”
“You can’t come here like this and tell me that.”
“Biarritz is lovely this time of year, perhaps the beach isn’t exactly healthy per se…”Emily found the words rolling from her tongue and wondered if perhaps this was how She felt.

“Are you sure?” asked the blind girl.
“I came here didn’t I?”

Emily blinked and wondered how many monthes had gone by since she had come in here to sit with them in the back of the bar and smoke and drink endlessly until the dawn and the conclusion of their rich conversations. It had been more than monthes she realised, it had been a year, perhaps two. Monthes of not coming to the bar had been spent in tears and consolations, in confessions and absolutions in the privacy of her flat. And then, after all that was over, she simply had not come.

“What do you intend to do about it?” She demanded.
“Get rid of it.” suggested the blind girl, smiling broadly.
“Too late for that.” said Emily and turned deliberately sideways on.

She blinked.

“Why did you come here?”
“To tell you. Now I have.”
“And so you’ll leave again?”

The words a mimicry of what Emily had said to Him that final time. That time that they had conceived. So Emily replied to Her as He had to Emily.

“Yes I’ll leave. You can see me again if you choose but I won’t come to you. I’ll be a different person the next time you see me.. . Myself.”
“You’ve changed Emily.”
“Only on the inside.”
“It shows on the outside too.”
“Will you come to Biarritz?”

She looked at Emily, now standing. She breathed in the air of other people’s poisons and knew She could not leave this place, Herself, now that She had found Her.
“No. Send me a postcard darling.”

“No. No invitations.” Emily turned and walked some paces from the table.

“Wait.” That imperious voice was raised a cutting through the murmur of the bar.
Emily turned, knowing that it would not say what she wanted to hear, knowing that it never had.

“Why did you come here?” Her eyes looked less strong now, pleading, begging for a scrap of information that She could understand. The little blind girl who fawned upon Her was trembling.

“A father has a right to know about his baby.”

Emily stepped out of the bar and walked in the clean air to the railway station.

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