18 January, 2011 at 23:41 (Uncategorized)

There you go then,
responses laid bare,
Electra complex plus one
If he had died
it’d make sense
but as it is I’m left
with the knowledge he was
less than perfect
and had a less than perfect son.
I was always concious of the loss
though I never even knew it
and when he said
he’d been orphaned,
several times he said it,
the wind blew right through it
the hole.
He is older than his father was
and he feels it too
and I am
so concious of that fact
Electra plus two.
So now my guilty
desire to hide
always before allowed
has become
no excuses of denial, feigned ignorance,
the usual middle-class ‘not now’
and I have to face the fact
that it is that hole
that Electra feels
I am reacting to.
If I could shut and lock that door
believe me I would do.


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