Don’t Go

31 March, 2010 at 23:34 (Uncategorized)

I miss you
I guess
it was all just slightly,
too good to be true.
I miss, those moments
and I drew that stairway
I never understood at all
it was all just
slightly out of time.
I miss you
and I miss what
we never quite had
everything was
almost right.


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17 March, 2010 at 23:50 (Uncategorized)

We’ve covered, how young you are
We’ve covered, the fact I hardly know you
Though that shouldn’t surprise me
But considering how much we’ve kissed
I am surprised
not by my hand between my thighs
waking from these dreams
but by the kiss that’s on my mind
considering it was so rushed
and certainly not our best.

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8 March, 2010 at 11:35 (Uncategorized)

Spring me from my sleep with but a touch
and we are dancing still
Wake me up to feel this rush
we are singing still
and I mean
all of us.
Take me in your arms
brush my lips with yours
and the sun is here again
for I am writing
she is living
we are
all of us
together whilst apart
linked by infinite dripping gold
the chains woven by spiders
remade and unbroken
for our lights live on all the while.

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6 March, 2010 at 18:55 (Uncategorized)

I have hated your temerity
I have hated the power I have given you
I have loved it too
I have loved and danced in moonlight
where I never expected moonlight
I have sung
and still we sing…
that is the most awesome thing
which I never expected.
Still you have gifts
still we are sat on sofas
that are worn down
weighted by age
we have plans and these sofas
can be replaced
we are still
where we always should have been
and the memories of moonlight
are what they always would be
and I am glad
even proud
to stand
on the edges of the pages
that turn your story.
I can stand here
I will stand here
and we have sofas yet to go
and we have stories yet to know
how I love all that you provoke
how I love
how we love
I stand here still
and always will
offering you my little returns
for the gifts you bring to my door
have always brought
since the very first time
you laid yourself
quite bare.

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4 March, 2010 at 23:53 (Uncategorized)

There have always been women like me,

Women like her

I have never been prouder,
than in the moments when,
an unconcerned eighteen year old
throws out my sexual history
in an off the cuff remark

ought to be ashamed

Armandine’s romantic rebellion,
is a truth of which women should be reminded
I don’t need to wear men’s clothing
my rebellion is in my sense of self.


Can’t tell from the fragments if she rebelled
but she loved women as much as I…
and isn’t this, after all
some Sapphic remnant within us all
this sexual rebellion…

spreads her legs for anyone

If I could then I’d tell Mary-Anne
that there’s no need for Maggie to drown,
I can be as well read as my brother
the Floss won’t suck me down.


Nowadays there’s Brooke
working away for her doctorate,
but of our line nevertheless.

You think money is a consideration of mine?
Or hers?
We are as much rebels as Armandine was,
spread apart though we are by time…

she’d do anyone

Anais is laying with her father
and seals her shocking fame
for an eternity of nows

little slut

Layla calls from Africa,
and I celebrate her divorce,
or do I prefer
the poetry before the inevitable prose of life?


This world is blazing…
and when I die
it will be blazing still
with the calls
that the rest of the world aims
at women like me,


Let me bow with pride,
I’ll wear these words
in full conciousness
of the girls
who went before

loose woman

I know where my roots lie
I know that somewhere in the sixties
a woman lay on a bed, somewhere psychedlic
and in amidst the women looking forward
one, looked back
and she knew
we’ve always been here
we always will.

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