6 March, 2010 at 18:55 (Uncategorized)

I have hated your temerity
I have hated the power I have given you
I have loved it too
I have loved and danced in moonlight
where I never expected moonlight
I have sung
and still we sing…
that is the most awesome thing
which I never expected.
Still you have gifts
still we are sat on sofas
that are worn down
weighted by age
we have plans and these sofas
can be replaced
we are still
where we always should have been
and the memories of moonlight
are what they always would be
and I am glad
even proud
to stand
on the edges of the pages
that turn your story.
I can stand here
I will stand here
and we have sofas yet to go
and we have stories yet to know
how I love all that you provoke
how I love
how we love
I stand here still
and always will
offering you my little returns
for the gifts you bring to my door
have always brought
since the very first time
you laid yourself
quite bare.


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