Eight Pictures Of Birds

20 January, 2007 at 19:01 (Uncategorized) ()

I saw your name and smiled,
It has, after all, been a while,
I walked the gallery, quite quickly, I suppose,
Knowing I’d know when I saw it.
That first time,
When I crawled inside your tent,
I was amazed, amused, amazed, excited,
I wanted to stay.
Wanted to read all the names,
Brush your hair for a while.
Later I saw the drawings,
The scribbles beside them,
The random pieces of letters, of words, of poetry.
You drew these, eight pictures of birds,
About three years before
I crawled into your tent.
Before your bed was ever leapt upon,
By Japanese performers.
I like them.
Theres a calmness there,
But it’s your calmness,
Somehow lonely? Searching? Something…
So I’ll sit a while and stay,
As I couldn’t do in your tent,
Read all the names the birds hold
Listen if they have a song.
Wonder where you are these days,
What you’re doing.


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