The Last Dance

30 August, 2011 at 20:38 (Flash) (, , , , )

“May I have this dance?” he smiled at her as she sat, sipping the last from a glass of bubbly.

She stood and he took her hand and led her onto the floor. It had been a long time but his arm went deftly around her waist, and he still led like a pro. With a good lead she managed to spin in her new heels and the skirt of her purple dress span with her.

“Don’t they look beautiful?” he said to her as they waltzed gently past the happy couple.

She smiled up at him and nodded. “Better than we ever did,”

He deftly altered their direction, avoiding a drunken uncle staggering about. “Dave looks good too.” he said, nodding to her second husband, still stood at the bar.

“Hands off you,” she said. “Yours is right there.”

Steve, his partner, bent over a table talking to the bride above the music, didn’t seem to have noticed their dancing.

“I’m glad we got married,” she said.

“You are?”

“I like our kids. Besides, we couldn’t have divorced else now could we?”


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