10 May, 2011 at 18:31 (Uncategorized)

Numbers, Meanings
Obsessively apophenia
Faces inside the smiles
One three is three
Two threes are six
Three threes are nine.

This one’s mine;
what does it mean to me?
A summer smiling boy,
Just enough to tip me
over the edge
of my very own tree
I am sleeping below its branches
on some sorry hallow’en
I left her sleeping,
I was naked and alone

Meanings, Numbers
Pouring over pages of them
Unable to stop
Smiles and tears.
three six nine
three two one
nine six three

Numerous, numberless, varied,
I cannot stop
this tree
though I’m over the edge
gasping out
my very last breath
and you
daring me to go on as if
I hadn’t gone far enough
you’d never stop me if I had.

Meanings if I look
You smile as if I should




  1. shanodindryad said,

    Hate to point it out, but there are a few too many apostrophes here. Threes doesn’t need one, nor does the its in “I am sleeping below it’s branches”

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