Sharp Edges

9 May, 2011 at 15:43 (Uncategorized)

Be Careful!
Those edges are sharp!
Oh…that’s what this is
You broke my heart?
Without my realising,
that takes some skill
and is that why
I’ve been feeling permanently ill?
No wonder then,
I’ve been obsessing on him,
Wonderfully safe,
Wonderfully him,
And emphatically not you.
Is this why they say
you treated me bad?
Because until this point
I really didn’t think you had.
I still don’t.
Be Careful!
I wish she’d look,
Those edges are sharp,
and yes, does it matter
that you broke my heart?
What shall we call this
Third time’s the charm?
Could it really be
there’s no power to this harm?

He just rose through my brain
That mocking voice,
that length of chain.

So is this it?
The start of the storm
I’ll be sure to keep
that whisky glass warm.


1 Comment

  1. shanodindryad said,

    Like this one very much, great rhythym.

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