Fairy Gold

22 April, 2011 at 12:51 (Uncategorized)

“You’ve got a choice,” said the fairy, hands on her hips.

“A choice?” asked the village girl, confused.

The fairy sighed, “It doesn’t actually work the same as in the stories, you know. Wishing is a serious business, and who does it come down to reset karmic scales and balance out all the…” She could see the girl wasn’t listening.
“Never mind. You have a choice, now you say you’re in love with the young Lord.”

The girl nodded and opened her mouth as if to speak, the fairy quickly prevented the inane babbling she’d had to put up with earlier. If she never head another word about the young lord’s blue, blue eyes and his dreamy clothes and goodness knows what else it would be too soon.
“Your choice is this,” she said quickly. “You can either have a summer with him, in love as passionate and intense as it’s ever been for anyone which will die as soon as autumn comes. Or you will have to work to be noticed by him for seven years at the end of which time he will marry you and you will be together until the end of always.”

The girl blinked.
“I can have him now or forever?” she asked.

“Yes.” said the fairy.

“I want him now.”

The fairy hid an inward smile, humans, so concerned with what was in front of them that they never thought about things like eternal happiness.
She waved her wand.

“There you go.”


The fairy nodded and the girl turned and ran back to the village.

Snorting, the fairy vanished.


Many, many years later the fairy made her way towards the valley, it had been a long, long time and no wishes had summoned her forth. She was curious as to why.

She walked and she flew, and as fairies are inclined to do she eavesdropped invisibly on the human conversation. Nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary and she was puzzled.

There was a path up one side of the valley, through some overhanging bulrushes and the fairy pushed her way through them and up it. It led to a small hut and inside the hut was an old woman.

The fairy recognised her immediately.

“Did you enjoy your summer?” she enquired.

The old woman laughed. “Oh very much so. The best summer I ever had.”

“And have you seen him since?” asked the fairy spitefully.

“Oh no, not since the autumn came, he married a princess from a far off land.” replied the old woman with a broad smile. “And they said I was a slattern and drove me out of the village afterwards.”

“But you’re still here?” said the fairy.

“Oh yes,” said the old woman. “Why would I want to leave this beautiful valley?”

“The villagers don’t want you here.”

“Thats what they say,” said the old woman. “And after dark they come to me. The young women who want love potions and the husbands to be who want an education…leastways they used to…it’s mostly lonely old widowers these days…”

The fairy raised her eyebrows. “Isn’t it lonely out here for a mortal?”

The woman smiled broadly, “I’d be lonlier as a wife and I have a whole village to mother, better them than babbies.”

“I thought,” said the fairy, “That you got pushed out here, you’re making it sound as if you chose it.”

“And didn’t I?” said the woman. “Did I want a lifetime or a summer? And if I objected to fairy gold evaporating would I have wished in the first place?”

The fairy blinked a little. “Well,” she said. “I hope it was worth it.”

She headed towards the door.

“Tell me, do your love potions work?”

“They ought to,” smiled the witch. “They’re the most passionate love ever felt, bottled.”



  1. invisible_fool said,


  2. jpmaggers said,

    I’m not much of a critic but I enjoyed it 🙂

    • luvlymish said,

      Hey I welcome all criticism including the recording of ‘likes’ – you guys know you’re allowed to do the poetry too right? 🙂

  3. bold_or_stupid said,

    Great story, both in tone and moral.

  4. erfalaswen said,

    Something in this struck a chord, I really liked this one Mish

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