20 February, 2011 at 14:24 (Uncategorized)

It is the red of your lips against your skin,
That reminds me, insistently,
Of how we first kissed.
A street corner, a little way down from the pub,
And you sent me, weak to my knees,away,
I have always been, caught in that kiss,
since the first time,
sent away from you, trembling, eager.
And now I find your hands relieve my tensions,
and the comfort in your arms secures my world,
so safely,
And yet – with passion.
Who’d have dreamed that it was so possible
to tremble at the kisses of your lips then
and find strength at your touch now.
Even discover that our kisses, long-since losing
that Mills & Boon edge, have become
treasured items, as always
the centre of my creativity.



  1. shanodindryad said,

    This is a really well written poem, very evocative and puts me in the exact headspace.

  2. lofomar said,

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