13 February, 2011 at 18:56 (Uncategorized)

I wish I’d never said anything,
I wish I’d never opened my mouth
but your smiles were as infectious
as your tears are now.
Though they did not freeze,
as your tears do,
an icy spear stabbing through my heart
again and again.
It’s dull thud in tune with the drums in my ears
I wish I’d never said anything,
never opened my mouth,
never been caught by that infectious smile
too late, too late, too late.
All is done now
broken, ready to be mended
and I, turn around,
simply wishing it over.

Let the spears do as they must,
let me bleed until a broken husk
and then let me rise and let me smile
let me walk upon this earth, while after little while
bleeding and dying and rising again,
the immortality of such infectious smiles
my friend in times of trial, such as these.
My springtime amidst your blowing autumn leaves.


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