What Is It Sylvie?

6 December, 2010 at 22:01 (Uncategorized)

“But oh, Sylvie, what makes the sky such a darling blue?”

Sylvie’s sweet lips shaped themselves to reply, but her voice sounded faint and very far away. The vision was fast slipping from my eager gaze: but it seemed to me, in that last bewildering moment, that not Sylvie but an angel was looking out through those trustful brown eyes, and that not Sylvie’s but an angel’s voice was whispering

“It is Love.” – Sylvie and Bruno, Lewis Carroll

I write love poems it is true
Whether I chose red or I chose blue
I know where it is that my heart lies
and I know what it is the causes my pen to write
and I know that
I will write a love poem to my best friend
that another could only share
with her life partner
because the sky is such a darling blue
and everything I feel
I feel for you.

Still this English language
only allows
for there to be one you.

Even in the Greek there are only four
to love
How can you ask me to
strip a philia from my eros
or storgé my
sick fascination with stockholm syndrome
when my tongue is tracing agape’s lips?

I will write you love poems
when I barely know you
do not think that I do not know my own heart
and do not think that I am spread so thin
I cannot mean it.
I chose
Red from Blue,



  1. erfalaswen said,

    Beautiful. I really liked this one Mish. Your poetry is hitting home with me far more often, recently…

    • luvlymish said,

      Well it had to get better some time 😉

      • erfalaswen said,

        Not better, so much … your earlier stuff was good. This just … ‘resonates’ more with me personally.
        shocking thought, could it be that we’ve got more in common nowadays… ? 😛

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