Blue Eyes

20 May, 2010 at 13:02 (Uncategorized) ()

He held me in his arms all night
and I still dreamed of you.
I awoke and there were eyes of blue
that were not yours.
I begin to discover that
I will always dream of you.
I know when I come to
from a dream of you holding my hand
a dream of you in which
you completely understand
everything you never did
and with a kiss
that lasts all day
I find myself at peace
I find myself quite calm.
I think it entirely likely
that when i die
if I choose my heaven
it will be one in which
we walk and talk and kiss
for an eternity.
All this and I know
were you to choose a hell
it would be to spend
all that time with me.
I find it funny, more than anything else
on this day of utter peace.
Ten years ago and more
you wrote yourself into my heart
still I ache for all the times
we spent and spent and did not spend
never knowing
we’d be sharing them
forever more.
He held me all night long
and still I dreamt of you.


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