15 April, 2010 at 10:35 (Uncategorized)

I am bound and waiting
For I can speak and feel
with the other side
until you come
and I am called
to be where I have promised.



  1. mostlyfoo said,

    (reposted from IM comments) Well an interesting bit structurally.
    Well the first three lines describe someone in a situation, and how they can communicate with the other side, but only until (4th line) someone comes, and we presume initially its a physical arrival, until we get the suggestion of the 5th and 6th lines that suggest perhaps the person is being called to this mysterious otherside they’ve only been able to speak and feel before and they’ll now take the first-person there.
    Or perhaps the first-person has been bound up and waiting, and whilst in this state can communicate to the other side, but someone will come and bring them back to the real-world and away from the other side, stopping their communication.
    Either way the focus keeps switching between the two sides, generating interest, dispite us having no details about them

    • caerwiden said,

      Perhaps it’s just because I have a filthy mind, I saw this as a very sexual piece of writing.
      I’m finding it difficult to explain what I mean qloquently, so I’ll just write it in the only way I currently can.
      The writer is having sex with a partner. The writer is tied up. Whilst having sex the writer experiences… something, it’s difficult to explain it in writing. It’s like pre-orgasmic mind alteration, your own spritual beliefs may have different names for it.
      When their partner orgasms, so does the writer. The orgasm is the place they have been promised, again, different spiritual beliefs may have different interpretations of ‘where’ that is. Atheists would explain it as a chemical reaction.
      Apologies for the less poetic way I went about this.

      • mostlyfoo said,

        Nah its good, I like that interpretation, I touched on it a bit in my second attempt but I think you did better.

      • caerwiden said,

        Ta. I’m feeling a bit fuddled at the moment.

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