1 April, 2010 at 23:02 (Uncategorized)

I can see the castle walls,
I can see them as they will be
on that day
And your eyes
puzzled by me
puzzled by everything I say
I can see them
in the window of those walls.

Peter at the gate,
is not the right Peter
and the key he holds
I will refuse.

I can see the walls,
whitewashed sandstone
by tradition
and I can see you
raise your arm to wave.

I can see the grasses
a little way outside
and the look in you eyes
as if to say
please use the key
and the door it says
‘All may enter’
and the gateway says
‘Few may leave’.

I can see the walls
I can see your wave
and it’s all that I can do
not to enter,
but if I did
I would not be me.

On the days we do not
understand each other
on the days
when you look at me
so puzzled,

those are the days
I see the castle coming
and I dread
it’s sandstone,
whitewashed walls,
in a way that has nothing
to do with denial of creation,
in a way that has nothing
to do with a refusal to believe.

Those days are to do
with things, purely personal,
are days
like today.


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