12 February, 2010 at 23:10 (Uncategorized)

This is their gift to the future,
From their generation passed to hours,
a single command: honour us
and we obey.
The very lyrics tell us to.
It plays and we listen and we wonder
Every step of the way, it plays
and we wonder.
For it tells us how to live our lives
and we know,
the music tells us so
and we honour them.
Throughout our lives, lived knowing that theirs
was the Golden Age,
Mythologised the ten years they spent alone
and we have their gods as our own
taking them as the song says we should.
Honouring our own demons like gods
knowing that it is only in the music
and of course the drugs.
We’re not playing 78s anymore
but then, neither were they
when they wrote our liturgy
and every single song since,
every single poet writing love songs
for the beasts
we know how to treat them,
they told us how.
We’ll be singing
because they told us so
until the day that we die…
you know what I’m drinking.


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