5 October, 2009 at 12:47 (Uncategorized)

Your LJ Super Friends!

mayamaia was bitten by a radioactive gopher, which explains not only the super-gopher powers, but also mayamaia‘s extra large front teeth!

idlemuse can talk to ants, so stay on idlemuse‘s good side unless you want bugs in your pantry!

erfalaswen really likes squirrels!

captain_aj has no superpowers, but is simply the trusty sidekick who’s always getting into trouble.

almighty_weasel can explode! Unfortunately almighty_weasel can only perform this superpower once… 😛

magic_obsessed can talk to fish! So be afraid of magic_obsessed! Ermmm, I guess…

erikofviking is from another planet, therefore gets a waiver to be in SuperFriends.

droolingpuppy has X-ray vision, thus droolingpuppy knows what you all look like naked!

ghastlycomic can fly! Though ghastlycomic has also been getting a lot of letters from the FAA…

mr_jez was bitten by a radioactive cat, thus has kitty-sense, rather than spidey-sense. (Can always sense cans being opened!)

Your LJ Super Friends!
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