27 September, 2009 at 22:58 (Uncategorized)

when the sun is spread across the sky…
Oh you and I and you and I and you and I

Alice said to Christopher that they should walk
and so they did
Christopher said to Alice that they should talk
and so they did
and when the day was over
they turned to each other and said

isn’t this where we came in?
And didn’t she do just the same to you?
And are you reading this again?
Have you vanished and what precisely have I ever…

…the mermaids singing each to each,
I do not think that they will sing to me

Did you ever sing to me?
Or did I only think we had communication?
and was I lying when I said…

Alice curled up in Christopher’s arms,
Christopher smiled at Alice’s charms,
and so they did for each other
all the day through
whatever it is that friends like that do
and the others all laughed behind their hands
and spread rumours about…

shall I part my hair behind,
do I dare to…

and do I dare and do I dare and do I dare?

are you there? I can’t do this anymore,
I wasn’t lying when I said…

the women come, the women go, the women dance from room to room

I wasn’t lying
You’re not listening,
why is it that we best commuicate in fragments?
I long for those moments when we understood

Alice looks at Christopher and he knows just what she said
Christopher’s voice echoes within Alice’s head
They curl up together in the centre of their world
and everything around them…

You’re not listening,
you’re only reading the words you want to read
You aren’t listening to me
but then am I hearing you?
I wasn’t when we tried to,
please lets try again
don’t leave me like this,
can we just make up
and ignore all of his…

the sun sets over the ocean
the mermaids are within their shells
and I shall walk upon the beach
with my trousers rolled

Alice and Christopher fall asleep

whilst I beat my fists at my inabilities.


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