21 August, 2009 at 15:46 (Uncategorized)

And I’ll keep you talking if I can have another kiss,
Your lips taste like berries -can it always be like this?
A moon above, and stars so light,
and kiss me once again,
The earth belowm the world so right,
Kiss me, once more, again,
Oh I’ll keep you talking, if it gets me another kiss,
it’s been too long since we could, stand right here, like this.
Your lips they are so tart yet sweet,
Come again to me, I love the taste of all of you,
But your lips, tonight they seem so free,
so full of moonlight, full of all the stars,
you say you have to leave,
kiss me again before you go, keep me in your arms,
for just another moment.
I’ll keep you talking all the while, and another kiss for me,
You say you have to go, I say not so speedily,
You look at me beneath the stars,
and I know that’s not mine to say,
but the berry tasting kisses made it fun,
Before we’re back to me leaning on a gate waving you on your way.


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