The Garden

5 July, 2009 at 22:14 (Uncategorized)

‘Give up the living for the dead’
Or maybe that’s just what I want your eyes to have said,
but someday there has to be
a flaming sword,
a slammed door.
You’re out of the garden without a word.
So I gave up the living for the dead
tried to pump some air into those lungs
and when I knew that I’d jump from a roof,
when I knew I’d walk blind across the Bay,
at least I knew I was not alone.
I gave up the living for the dead,
at least,
that’s what I hoped your eyes said
too long ago.

Now that’s over, there is little more to say,
the door to the garden is closed,
the sword is burning.
Though I still face it, can’t bear to turn away,
I am back in the world of the living
and there’s a dance in these shallow waters.
It had me at hello.
I find the dead better company.
I find your eyes still pull me back there,
but I could never draw you out –
at the last step, I always turned around.
Here in the shallows is a one
who does not vanish when I face him.
There’s your flaming sword
and I’m alive without a word
that’s how I know it burns.


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