My Usual Journal Is Down And This Is Kind Of Poetic…

19 June, 2009 at 06:54 (Uncategorized)

Reply to this by shouting “Word!” or some other variation of and I will reply with 5 words that I think represent you. Then post your words on your L.J. and say what they mean to you.

My words were:

drpalpatine said:

1) Japan.

I loved in Japan for two years and I still can’t stop going on about it. Sometimes I think it’s the most defining thing about me.

2) Hair.

Well obviously I have such gorgeous…I think it’s because I shaved it off, and before then it was pink, and a variety of crazy shades.

3) Charm.

I’m fairly sure he means this non-magically. I’d like to think I have some.

4) Relationships.

Part of me is sighing deeply over this one. I get associated with the word I always hated! Gah. Still if you go on about them as much as I have done and think about them as much as I do then I guess you get associated with them. *sighs deeply*

5) Exuberance.

🙂 Well I am kinda exuberant, I like this word. I like life and yeah, I like being exuberant and enthusiastic and yeah…good word.



I wear a lot of them, knowing lucrecia may have really kicked my dressing up habits up another notch – can you get xp by association?


Oh now this I like having associated by me. The best thing that I learnt at uni was that I throw great parties!


I like kissing. Show me someone I haven’t kissed and you show me someone I haven’t known for very long…or who I really respect the boundaries of…


Questing gives life meaning and purpose.


Web imagery and the understanding of life through a series of webs is something I can go on about. It’s ok, it’s very easy to shut me up – see above words!

madfae said:


I’d like to be thought of as adventurous but I don’t really think of myself as such. I have a very developed sense of my own safety…no honestly mostlyfoo I do!


Oh yeay! Really? Cool. I don’t know, I have soem unusual ideas but generally I think I conform to far more than I would like to, y’know in that ideal version of self everyone keeps in the back of their brains somewhere. Still I got it associated with me, and by madfae of all people.


I am, which would come as a shock to most people who knew me when I was depressed. But I think that happiness is a choice, sometimes it’s a really difficult choice and you need chemical help to get there but it is a choice.


Told you, two years of my life have completely defined me as a person.


Yeah, yeah I am. Well, why not? It’s how I get things done.

mr_jez said:


Japanese rice balls with stuff inside of the sort we ate at a fertility temple in Tono. They were given to us by the priestess of the temple. Yes, it was a cool as it sounds.


Having a reasonable knowledge of BDSM parlance and my own tastes I have claimed to be vanilla in the past.


Look at the rest of my LJ – I write poetry. Not a poet though, going to be a serious prose writer!


I have a slightly disturbing fascination for the stuff.


I loved travelling on the bullet train in Japan and Jez and I took it up to Tono (well, as far as we could to Tono anyway).

gentlemanbandit said:


Yeah I am mostly these days. I think it’s a good way to be.


I’d like to be kind. I suspect I’m not very but I like the idea.


It’s been a while since anyone described me as driven though they did used to. I think my mojo is coming back and I’m getting back on track with getting this whole writing career off the ground.


Lived there two years and the country leaked into my soul.


Oh boy am I! Um…interesting choice of words. But I am willing to try anything once…



  1. caerwiden said,

    How anyone could connect you to anything Japanese is beyond me…

    • madfae said,

      Words… I vill consume them.

      • luvlymish said,


  2. mr_jez said,

    Word up!

  3. caerwiden said,

    Oh yeah, also, do me! With words I mean.

  4. morgana_fiolett said,


  5. mostlyfoo said,

    I suppose I should request the bountiful joy of WERDS

  6. evilbilbo said,

    WORD ME!

  7. doctorpalpatine said,

    Words please!

  8. gentlemanbandit said,


  9. archangelonline said,


  10. almighty_weasel said,

    Shoop Da Woop!

  11. dango_mew said,

    Words plz! ^^

  12. bodybag_pilgrim said,

    Wurdzel Gummidge.

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