3 June, 2009 at 23:08 (Uncategorized)

Sometimes I get to thinking
That we are over and done,
Sometimes I get to hearing people say,
that I’m the only one,
and that I’m nothing to you.
I’ve never been nothing to you.
Touching is only one way
of saying to each other,
that it’s not true, what they say,
that we know better than that…
but it’s never been how we habitually speak,
a leftover from those days when we
couldn’t or shouldn’t kiss,
a leftover from a time that only sometimes exists
when we can not come close,
and our eyes meet
and our mouths move
and we say something that only we know.

All is silent,
The moon is high,
gibbous never full, when it comes to you and I,
The light levels are low,
there is nothing to see and everything to know,
and I’ve never been nothing to you,
and you’ve never been nothing to me,
and we say what only we know,
and we see what only we can show,
and my doubting is over,
we kiss and you leave,
I turn in my clover patch and go back to sleep.



  1. erfalaswen said,

    Mish, is your blog broken at the moment? I can’t get your website to load…

    • luvlymish said,

      Yes my hosting is swapping. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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