18 March, 2009 at 12:14 (Uncategorized)

It’s spring time and everything is right,
I am flying in a butterfly’s wings,
and the sun dances long,
for I am hovering where she dances,
and it is spring and there’s a time
for gambling and taking chances.
So here’s a gamble by the lake,
and there I am counting cards,
sitting away from the table.
It’s spring time and I know it by
the foxes bark, and we are running joyful
in the woods and hills and soon
it will be time to quit this place,
it is spring time now and the butterfly
flaps her wings,
and I’ve been running for a long time now,
just need another beak, just need to see
another creature and summer will be here.
But for now it’s spring and the winter is over.
Kissed the snow goodbye some new years eve,
got the spring flowers and the rabbits
they are dancing now.
I am flying on wings I borrowed,
just trying to see, the sky a little longer.


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