When It Comes Down To It

7 March, 2009 at 17:09 (Uncategorized)

The very first question that you asked me was why?
And I had no words to give you,
Who could explain that shine?
Who could explain how you made me still?
But when it comes down to it,
I am Catullus, explaining over dinner,
that one of the five senses,
has him enthralled.
That very first question you asked me,
which I was unable to answer,
and all those evenings since,
when my heart has burst from being overfilled.
How can I admit,
your hair spread out in the morning on the pillow,
the softness of your skin against my cheek,
the accidental scent of you as I unwittingly breathe in,
is what catches at my soul.
I still have no words to give you,
and I fill pages with them.
That moment,
when you asked and I could not answer –
all the answer that I could have given,
would have been,
I live in hope of my senses…
…and looking back the hope was almost justified,
and I am left here,
wishing I could have gotten you to stay.
All that sense of destiny,
turning on the spread of hair and softness of a cheek,
but you are wrong if you think they will not last,
and I am still inhaling
on that accidental breath from last week.


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