20 February, 2009 at 23:40 (Uncategorized)

It’s all echoes and distortions from where I sit.
And I needed someone to hold me,
I couldn’t help it,
He didn’t mind.
It’s all distortions and I can’t tell if you are saying just what you mean,
I don’t think you are,
but they have.
So do I act on the distortions?
Or do I act on the dreams?
Or do I make a one choke on his decisions and take the maybe instead…
because thats a better dream than right now real,
if you ask me,
but no one did,
because I can’t make decisions for you,
like you can’t make decisions for me,
and it’s all the sound and fury of the echoes at the bottom of this tree.
And I’m sitting watching you climb,
and that’s all I ever wanted,
and I’m sitting watching you climb,
and suddenly I’m haunted…
but all these echoes around me,
and I’m wondering if maybe I should climb too,
never next to you,
just a little way behind because then maybe this distortion wouldn’t leave me quite so blind.
I pulled a one down to my level and he never even complained.
But you’re climbing there still and he takes your hand in his,
I needed holding after this.
He didn’t mind.
Because I’m sat there watching and suddenly theres less to see,
because I brought a one tumbling through the branches to sit and watch with me,
when there were dreams to chase,
and none of them mine, just the kind I like watching.
The sort thats on my mind,
through these echoes and distortions and these scrapes which are none too kind,
I need to know if you mind me now,
watching as you climb, because I got so comfortable here, and theres a lot that’s on my mind…
My ears are full of noises, and I’m not so sure it’s you I hear,
theres too many branches crashing and the echoes and the din…
it’s too much, and I’m just sitting here,
remembering when you held me, and wishing I could say,
this never happened, none of it, I never came close to being this way.
But I did and I am, who I was born to be,
I guess that I’m just hoping you’ll take this one away from me,
and still somehow allow my presence at the foot of your tree.


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