28 January, 2009 at 00:32 (Uncategorized)

Silent, withdrawn, away from us all,
I watch as you remake the past.
All better now.
When will those words
that I loved you for speaking be broken?
I do not know,
but I cannot but know that they will be.
I had thought you were some wonder,
but only for some to see.
Put out the light and hide this two way mirror from me,
for it is not for my eyes to see
your glory
or bask in that moment
when you spoke what I hardly dared to believe.
But when I thought I was wrong
I found… you had told me how it would be,
and I just hoped, just hoped,
that there would be some case I could plead,
some special circumstance…
There was none found.
I watch you, silently,
as you remake the past,
taking away everything I was priveleged to have,
as is your right.
When next your eyes look upon me,
they shall look through me,
for you shall not know me soon.


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