Sylvie’s Choice

26 January, 2009 at 21:50 (Uncategorized)

Blue or Red Sylvie? Blue or Red,
Red, red, red,
always red I choose.
I chose red I swear…
it’s just, I could not help but long for blue,
just when it got near enough to touch…
and leaning out for blue,
for what makes the sky
such a darling blue.
Leaning out for blue as it glances over it’s shoulder
and no more,
Blue or Red Sylvie?
You must choose,
I swear I will choose red,
there is no other, no other,
I will choose red not blue.
But I read the choice she made,
and still I longed for you.


1 Comment

  1. caerwiden said,

    I like this one and it made me learn something.

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