Gone for a Song

12 January, 2009 at 18:46 (Uncategorized)

And theres that dancing sideways,
and your eyes are back
and lets take this spark and ride it
when I thought the breezes had all died,
can you hear the wind outside?
It wuthers how it wuthers around her chimney
and you know, it would be better if
we could find a way to be,
and never like before
no never like before
so open the door and ride it
a thousand strips along the place all gone
and we are in this place
and you promised me a song.
So lets hear if we can the way that the chords sound
on the back of the wind and
wandering the moors around
and lets find our way back to the place we left before
there are no scarecrows in these fields
and we are free once more.
Let’s ride this spark, let me see what you say,
a generation more,
till the fields, score,
we will be what we are
nothing more.


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