23 December, 2008 at 00:06 (Uncategorized)

We stood and we watched the embers,
and she said we should make them grow,
I just wanted it all to end,
Burn through and go.
I never loved anyone as much,
nor held others so dear
and I just wanted it all to end,
for all the smoke to clear.
In the mist, beneath the sky,
all the embers a-glowing
and no one to ask why or when or where,
Just stood watching the dreams die,
end, one by one,
until there’s ash and then let that die too,
but she wanted to make them grow.
When those embers,
all that light that we just put a match to,
had died,
too easily for dreams that were held so dear.
Let us stand and watch in the mist,
the old year burn,
seek not to let it grow,
seek not to learn,
just let there be an end, one that is final,
as the embers glow as embers should,
and grow nothing from the ash,
because none of those dreams ever could.


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