For My Sister

11 November, 2008 at 22:29 (Uncategorized)

At Ex-Leprachaun's House At Ex-Leprachaun’s House
Nervously smiling... Nervously smiling…
The Birthday Girl The Birthday Girl
So…she’s making the drinks? Cool.
Down It! Down It!
Oh Dear Oh Dear
Mish is taking pictures again…
Explanation Explanation
She was explaining something…I can’t remember what.
There There There There
Watch the fashion designer and the doctor…Da Bitches are full of amazing people…
Da UnBitch looks on Da UnBitch looks on
Watchers are often bemused by Da Bitches.
The Pub The Pub
Finally we make it out of the kitchen and down to the pub!
Da Bitch Council Da Bitch Council
Look out theres a groupie listening in!
Tequila Shots Tequila Shots
There was tequila…but no limes and the salt was eventually found…no worries Da Bitches did home made tequila shots!
Da Bitches Take Over Da Bitches Take Over
Straight and a groupie try to take over the bar…or something.
Loved Up Loved Up
Pissed Pissed
Me and my sister and an honorary bitch!
Sisters Sisters
All loved up with my sister!
The Council Results The Council Results
Yes. He is an Honorary Member!
Family Ties Family Ties
Groupies Groupies
Straight and the Groupies!
Bitches and Groupies Bitches and Groupies
Da Bitches Da Bitches
Da Bitches, plus Honorary Bitch and hangers on. (Minus a couple of Bitches).
Dad Dad
Ahh the taxi home arrived then…and got hijacked by ex-pupils!


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