19 October, 2008 at 01:12 (Uncategorized)

And the truth came back into my life,
riding on the back of little lies.
Just when the words knocked all the breath from me,
a single kiss was all it took to set me free,
from my wants to be something I’m not,
from all desires that make me singled out,
lost, alone, stranded in a place I’ve never known.
A single kiss returned the lies to me,
and I’m stood here then, and set free,
walking from one to one, unknown,
and alone without ever being alone,
the truth came back to me in lies,
and what sealed it was the teasing in your eyes,
and the knowing of just exactly what we are,
and seeing your face in ecstasy even as you bare the scars,
that are our lot in life,
we who do not walk, noiselessly and silent to the door,
in anger at what we will not comprehend.
So look at me once more and take my hand,
do not leave now that we have become friends.


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