Let It Rain Fire And Blood And Brimstone

10 August, 2008 at 17:43 (Uncategorized)

Oh Loki, oh Loki let the cherubim weep then,
and why did I ever pray to you?
Oh Loki, oh Loki delight in the chaos then,
and this is why I ever prayed to you.

This is why as I run my hands,
eternally against that back,
I told you that I’d never kneel to you,
never worship you as my holy god.
This is why I can feel that smile,
never daring to look,
I compared you and told you,
the bargain is complete and sealed,
this is why the more that you urged me on,
the more that I found an elsewhere to kneel.

Oh Loki oh Loki let them weep then,
let the skies forever tear their clouds,
oh Loki oh Loki let the thunder sound,
and this is why I delight at you within myself.

Oh Loki oh Loki let them scream then,
let the river open up it’s unholy mouth,
Oh Loki oh Loki run free then,
I can never delight in you within anyone else.

Eternally I will make my bargains,
with you, most trustworthy god,
but my statement stands and I will never kneel,
to you as my patron god.
But when your chaos declares the bargain done,
and when I have finally finished,
it is not only the bargain I will miss,
but your presence, your soul and your flourish.

Oh Loki, oh Loki must they weep then?
And this is none of mine and that I know,
Oh Loki, oh Loki must it be this then?
When I’m dancing in your chaos I do enjoy it so.

But do not ask me to enjoy your dancing,
when it is not I who makes the steps,
take me by the hand and lead me to the floor,
and I’ll smile, no matter what,
but this dance I must sit out.
Father of Lies I’ll hear your truths gladly,
but some days I wish,
they did not have to be sung quite so loud.

Oh Loki, oh Loki, I’ll not close my eyes then,
Still I am marked, for you,
Oh Loki, oh Loki, I am here then,
For your words and your priests and for you.


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