Raising A Glass

4 August, 2008 at 19:32 (Uncategorized)

I was expecting something to change,
Some feeling, to rearrange itself.
Instead I raised my glass,
spoke almost from the heart.
Still almost keeping that promise,
To your diamond eyes.
But nothing’s changed,
Thats the thing,
you still kept your dirty little secret,
and she left me low,
and it’s all, a long time ago.
Have I gotten used to rubbing myself raw?
Or was her legacy longer than I saw,
after all,
wasn’t the latest disaster of mine,
trying to prove something to her,
took the longest time to see that.
I thought that maybe,
white silk sold by the metre,
could wrap around my mind,
rendering it all, meaningless,
the moments
are still there.
Those thirty seconds in your arms,
they’re still mine,
white silk or no.
I walked out before I could be left.
The man in the coat,
he’s feeling what I was coming to expect,
and did not get, because I left,
he stayed for you to hurt him so.
Let me rub myself raw again,
someone else’s dirty little secret,
‘Just don’t tell her.’
It was only a kiss…no one has to know,
and it’s of consequence to no one now,
wrapped up in white,
beautiful and so tight nothing comes between,
and who would want to?
I have my songs, you have yours,
We have that day, and that moment out of all time,
still held, ready for if it’s ever needed,
nothing’s changed.
I left before it could.


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