You said, then I said

11 July, 2008 at 22:05 (Uncategorized)

And you said;
‘Best go to him then.’

So I told you that;
‘You’ve given voice to,
my voices in the dark…’

I wondered how you felt, when I told you that,
I told you that I wondered
how long it would be,
before you fly, leaving me in my ocean.

I told you that;
‘You’ve given voice to,
my voices in the dark
and I’ve faced those darknesses,
and you, never noticing a thing,
do you think I use you?’

And you said nothing.
So I continued;
‘I suppose I do,
cannot help but see,
that spark that you draw out,
cannot help but burn,
cauterise the wounds,
so very painfully.
You’ve given voice to,
my voices in the dark,
cannot help but write,
with what you’ve given spark,
cannot help but keep on writing,
these voices from my head,
when they ended their consensus,
I really should have said.

Still, you said nothing
and I continued;
‘Cauterise these wounds then
and i’ll keep on writing
wandering and writing
and wondering when you’re going to have to say no.’

and you said;
‘It’s always interesting to be there,
at the receiving end,
when it Happens.

Make sure that one goes into the next book.
Oh yes…
interesting to be there,
to see it happen to you,
Well, I say to ‘you’,
but the line’s a moot point.’

so I asked you;
‘you saying you don’t know who I am?’

and you said;
‘Oh no, I know who you are.
All of you…’

and I said;
‘now thats a claim’


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