Faery Gold

7 July, 2008 at 22:25 (Uncategorized)

Nothing with you exists,
It is not real,
I am the girl who sits in the road,
and disappears,
for I have never claimed to be.
Nothing with you exists,
I declare it so,
it is the gold that disappears with the light,
for I say this is so,
and it is what vanishes when I touch you,
it is what is never there,
it is what vanishes when I clutch at you,
and brush your cheek with mine,
and long to stroke your hair.
Nothing with you exists,
can you tell,
how we sit at the edge of reality,
with no leeway either side,
and nothing with you is real,
it is only in our minds,
our most precious of selves,
no one else can touch this if we can’t,
no one else even knows the gold was there,
for when they look is it the morning after,
they didn’t see how I longed to stroke your hair,
how it lay on the pillow before me,
how you left with the dawn,
because nothing that happens between you and me,
can last
and this must be born.
Nothing is real,
I declare it so,
which is what makes it worse,
when you have to go,
and we have spent not a single unreal moment,
together in that place,
because when nothing is real,
I long to see your face,
smiling at me, for a second,
before you leave,
and your eyes meeting mine for a while.
But nothing is real,
and lets face it,
night or day,
faery gold is not mine.


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