Gazing To The Future

20 June, 2008 at 18:21 (Uncategorized)

Looking a little far ahead,
Planning a bit too much,
If only time was as sensible to touch,
as we are.
We mortals who live within it’s stream,
if only it could feel,
the way we do;
when every breathe seems just slightly too extreme,
when every finger tip burns us like fire,
and every lick of every tongue
fills us with only desire.
It’s only desire
pushes me on
and only want has me returning
to that moment in the time stream
when you had me burning.
It’s only want,
such a tiny thing,
never seemed worth to dismiss it as one of the sins.
such a simple word,
and it pushes me on,
through the streams that have us
herded like cattle,
over the grids.
Push through like sheep, over the fallen,
push through without thought, herded and stalling,
because this wind, this stream that pushes us forth,
this wind, this stream it has set our worth,
so damn low.
So damned low.
It talks with voices that I used to trust,
it talks with voices that deny this lust.
But I can hear over the moaning,
of this chill wind,
this moaning, scorning, that would rather take me back,
so some other wynd, some other dreadful beginning.
I can hear,
lips slightly parted,
that gasp,
and movement,
back when we started,
and I can see, what time tries to hide.
I can see exactly through your eyes,
to each moment,
holding on,
and what is it that makes me see this?
What is it that means I can hear this?
Perhaps noble emotions aren’t meant to last.
But I’m honest and I’m honourable
and that shall not pass.
How about this want?
This aching, aching want?
When will that, too, desist?
When will that cease to exist,
put me back in the time stream once more,
set me down in the path of the oncoming cattle,
set me down in the grid,
certain and sure that I can hear
only my own death rattle.


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