A Girl

29 May, 2008 at 22:23 (Uncategorized)

There’s a girl on the dale ahead of me,
Beyond the trees, I can barely make her out,
the wind pulls the branches so hard and
my hair whips before my eyes,
She’s out in the buttercups,
She’s pushing between the ferns,
and the wind is loud and long,
I sit on this log and I finish thinking inexpressable thoughts,
finish drinking, the missing wine.
There is a girl below the branches,
up against the sky, her arms out welcoming the wind,
and I am in the trees, hiding away,
scared in case she turns and I am seen
and this moment of my watching,
is at an end.
There’s a girl on the dale ahead of me,
her arms are out and her hair streams long in the wind.
A dark shape on the green horizon,
her hair is blonde and long,
and I am sitting on this log,
incapable of seeing anything but her,
out amidst the buttercups,
pushing between the ferns,
taking refuge in her oak.
And I, am quite alone, further out than I thought,
and refusing to wave lest she turn to look.


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