27 May, 2008 at 13:11 (Uncategorized)

I thought I had an immunity to poison,
I know, I kept the antidote, took it regularly,
Though my immunity was assured.
Now it’s been pouring over me for years,
and I haven’t had the antidote, in only a month or so,
Can’t remember where I put it,
did you give it to her? Over eggs one morning perhaps,
did you give it to her? She needed it, certainly,
far too susceptible to poison, she always has been.
I thought my immunity was assured,
I’ve swum in lakes of the black stuff for years.
Now I find, it dripped into my ears,
and I’m not laughing now,
we used to laugh about how poison was so irrelevant to us,
and now he’s dripping it into my ears,
I’m not laughing right now. Its never been like this before,
I used to be able to eat anything,
but my cast iron stomache is turning.
Did you give my antidote away, I know that I thought I didn’t need it anymore,
I just wish I could remember where I put it down.
Other people are passing that poison hand to hand,
and my throat is gagging,
I don’t think that my immune system can take much more, too much thick blackness,
too much and I’ve swallowed.
And again, before I vomit, please, what was that antidote I used to take?
How do I let this flow over me?


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