21 May, 2008 at 10:30 (Uncategorized)

Did you fall for me old friend, a long, long time ago,
I’m sorry if you did, but you never told me so
at the time I mean. And if you had…
I think you’re right you know, we would have been
not such good friends at all.
Did you fall for me, it seems you think now that you did,
and it is true we had such very good times,
but if you’d said, back then, what you are saying to me now,
then I’d have turned my tail and fled,
left you high and dry to deal with what came after.
No rapprochement for us then, with ice (and promise of hot wax)
but rather such a drifting as I’d rather not have had.
Did you fall for me old friend?
I begin to think you did, I never noticed at the time,
and you took care you never said.
I always thought I took it hardest, leaving where I’d loved,
Never mind the begging or the pleading (that only happened twice, really)
I kept my voice as ice…nearly did it this time,
but things are so much more involved,
and I am so very glad, you never made me do it.
But what was the price you paid? And did I put you through it?
Your choice was yours as mine was mine, and that is still the same,
I’m sorry that you lost your love,
but I’m so very glad we came through this,
and we can drink together, as old friends,
and mourn for loves that we’ve lost, and never could have been,
without my stance.


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