21 December, 2007 at 00:06 (Uncategorized)

I could sit and watch and listen to you forever.
I could lap up your every word,
listen to your love forever.
As you speak I remember,
how it felt to sleep beside you,
that first time, that only time.
You were warm in a way that spread your hair,
like Cohen’s lyrics upon the pillow.
I will stand here watching.
I will sit here caught on every word.
I will watch you forever,
when you pass beyond my eyes,
when we have said our last, pained goodbyes,
you will exist behind these lids.
You pull from me,
a girl who thinks she knows what love is…
She has been silently crying though she saw
everything in garbage and flowers.
You are my sleeping storm.
I see you there,
head on the pillow besides me,
and it is you his words reach and I reach for my own;
don’t say goodbye,
don’t say goodbye.
I need you there on the pillow besides me,
to watch the sunlight kiss your hair,
to touch you where I do not dare.
We are here, life is parting us.
I will watch your sadness,
listen to it; nothing now between us,
simply all the times I’ve watched,
all the times I’ve listened and all the times I’ve wanted to.
I keep thinking that perhaps our loves are forever inside us,
did they keep us chained?
Or are they responsible for you knowing where you must go?
Will we sit here forever?
Warming our inner-selves by sitting on freezing cold rooftops.
I see your hair spread out before me,
we are not the only ones;
let us dance as though we are.
I could stay this way forever watching.
I would stay this way, my eyes upon your eyes,
listening to your mouth framing the words,
wanting you to keep on talking;
fretting because you’re leaving,
knowing that you must and seeing forever your blonde storm touched by sunlight.
There within arms reach beneath my duvet,
on the pillow besides me,
forever just a little too far away.
I’ll stay here watching,
stay here listening,
and I’ll stay here forever seeing all of you;
everything you show to me,
as you speak. Silent you lay besides me,
the warmth of your body staining my duvet with your scent.
I would stay here besides you for an ever,
until you woke to the sunlight,
and bid me goodbye as I lay there,
loving you.
Your sorrowful eyes upon me as your mouth frames the words I must listen to
and did not want to hear.


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