27 March, 2007 at 23:00 (Uncategorized)

When, there is nothing more to love,
Will you place me on your pedestal then?
When I have run this ground dry of blood,
Will you show your adoration then?
I am not, I am not, I am not,
Three times I cast it to the ground,
Three times three you’re flinching,
Listen to the sound of the flutes in the distance,
That is the sound the flowers make,
Come and follow me there,
Come and talk with me there,
We’ll wander in my garden if you dare,
If you truly dared then I would be ground level,
With you, not up on high, or is it that,
You just want to watch me fall,
Trip the light fantastic on these non-existant wings,
And come to stumble so that one of you,
Or two, can fulfill their relevant complexes,
Save me when I don’t need saving,
But then neither does she, she only thinks she does,
And you can’t see how strong she is,
Or that this lance you’re waving will strike her down,
Still, I am no longer in the garden to talk to,
And you and you and you, have hoisted me atop this pedestal,
Still, you’d never let me drown,
My father has me pinned here too,
He thinks this is the cellar,
Can you hear my voice echoe against it’s walls,
Or is it the valley you’ve made with your shameless waving?
Faerie in the mist coming with her chains,
Again and again and again,
They’re breaking, and no, this one I’m not faking,
So come with me one and all if you want to escape this flood of words,
This time it’s for real and theres only one escape,
The way out of the cellar and through the mists,
This Avalon of mine upon a real pillar,
Not this pedestal thats shaking,
You’ll never let me down will you?
Never let me down to take the blame, to drown, to sink and to escape,
This fantasy you’re building,
Come, take the golden road with me,
Come away from those dangerous lances,
But you can’t hear me can you, I lost you with those words,
In halls and bathroom walls the flood is building,
The chains are binding, and twisting,
Soon, soon, soon, the whole place will be listing,
It’s all a bit too much, so let me down,
I want off this pedestal you’re building and down into my garden again,
Down where I can be earthy again, wipe the mud off my feet before I come indoors,
Be unfettered and free once more,
Run from the woods and the trees, take a respite from the seas,
Live with myself on the moors,
Somewhere she can come and talk to me,
Somewhere you can wave to me,
Somewhere he can ride on by, and nevermore be beholden to his lie.
It’s coming and will come with a rush, hold onto yourselves and hold onto me,
We will be safe on these moors, we and she and we,
When there is nothing more to love.



  1. bodybag_pilgrim said,

    This is great to read, but I suspect better heard.

    • luvlymish said,

      I’ll come over and read it to you if you like.

  2. nordicladyfi said,

    Maybe I could hear it sometime too? I’d love to…

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